The Magic of the Monsoon


Dust pervades hair and eyes

Whirlwinds of dust fly

Paddocks once green dry

Tears in our eyes

Overbearing heat neverending

Temperature never bending

Aircon over extending

When is this ending?

Snakes basking in sun

Be ready to run

Don’t come undone

Leave them alone

Black and violet sky

Clouds passing by

Rain coming don’t lie

Thunder in the sky

Celebrating first rain

An inch is now gained

4 inches second rain

Will it happen again?

9 days of rain now

Kangaroos shelter now

They growl at us now

They want to attack us now

Beware the furry roo

It is known to kill you

Savage, nasty too

They’re in the outdoor loo

They’re in the shed

It’s doing in our heads

Under the house they bed

Some are even dead

Flooded plains and cut off roads

Croaking of the cane toads

Nature heard our woeful odes

Answered those odes

Peaks of green now seen

Paddocks turning green

A miracle has been seen

Unbelieveable it seems

A thirsty old land in drought

Had been all worn out

Now green shoots spring out

With joy I want to shout!


This Land


A land of extremes

And it seems

A land of danger

One must be strong

To live here long

Of outback Australia I speak

Creeks run dry

Internet is weak

2 hours from town

Send in the clowns

Famine or feast

Drought or flood

Kill that beast

Wet season comes

Helicopters come

Leave gates as you find them

Or cattle will go

We muster them

Draft them

Sell them

A calf is born

But mum is dead

Placenta torn

Feed that calf

Love that calf

Fear not my friend

The muddy bog

We’ll tow you my friend

Mud caked car

Sticky scar

Oh the trusty dogs

Our best friends

Working dogs

Guard dogs

Companion dogs

Fields of gold

Skies of blue

The beauty behold

The rising sun

The setting sun

This land is mine

It is my home

Respect this land

Embrace this land

My beautiful home land at sunset