Undrought – A Poem for the Flood affected


Undrought – a poem by Casey Williams

The year has barely started,
The ringers still on leave,
The wet is running late this year,
Lord, bring us our reprieve.

The north is bloody thirsty
The cows are calving down
The grass is getting sparser
And the ground is turning brown

It’s been this way a while now
Too long, in fact, for some
The dry is taking over
When will the rain please come?

At last the clouds are building
And the frogs are crying out
I wonder if they know at all,
What’s due to come about?

A couple inches, you bloody beaut!
What a blessed sight,
The sound of raindrops on the roof,
I’ll listen up all night.

Another night, and then again,
She’s getting fairly damp,
The river’s running beautifully,
she’s really set up camp.

Again and again, it hammers down,
In drowning, vicious waves,
We hate to sound ungrateful
But rain, please go away.

At last the drought is broken
But so are all our hearts
Homes are under water
Lives are ripped apart

No warning of the enormity
No chance to get ahead
Just paralysed by water
And what we will find dead

The land has gone from Barron
To an ocean, vast and brown
The calves are drowned or frozen
Their mothers, bogging down.

The rain has finished finally
The world turned upside down
There’s cattle stuck in trees
Dead wildlife on the ground

The north just copped a big one
We’re hurting far and wide
Our community’s a strong one
But we need you on our side

Don’t kick us while we’re down
Don’t say we have no shame
You want to see compassion
Drive up here, see our pain

I for one, could not be prouder
Of the industry up here
It’s one of strength and courage,
Through drought, through flood and fear

I say this to all affected
To those who’ve lost so much
You’re the backbone of this country
Keep talking, stay in touch

You’ve got your mates behind you
To help with all your doubts
We can rebuild together
The sunshine has come out.

The Magic of the Monsoon


Dust pervades hair and eyes

Whirlwinds of dust fly

Paddocks once green dry

Tears in our eyes

Overbearing heat neverending

Temperature never bending

Aircon over extending

When is this ending?

Snakes basking in sun

Be ready to run

Don’t come undone

Leave them alone

Black and violet sky

Clouds passing by

Rain coming don’t lie

Thunder in the sky

Celebrating first rain

An inch is now gained

4 inches second rain

Will it happen again?

9 days of rain now

Kangaroos shelter now

They growl at us now

They want to attack us now

Beware the furry roo

It is known to kill you

Savage, nasty too

They’re in the outdoor loo

They’re in the shed

It’s doing in our heads

Under the house they bed

Some are even dead

Flooded plains and cut off roads

Croaking of the cane toads

Nature heard our woeful odes

Answered those odes

Peaks of green now seen

Paddocks turning green

A miracle has been seen

Unbelieveable it seems

A thirsty old land in drought

Had been all worn out

Now green shoots spring out

With joy I want to shout!


Like the Butterfly


Lorikeets are eating my bread and honey

Suddenly in one split moment I see

The chain of interconnections

I provided it

The bread and honey came from the supermakert

The supermarket bought the bread from bakers

The bakers bought the ingredients for the bread

The ingredients came from farms

The farmers sowed the seeds for what became the bread

The bread which now feeds the birds

The supermarket bought the honey from beekeepers

The bees made the honey

The beekeepers made it possible

For me to buy honey

The honey which now feeds the birds

That split moment defines the new road I travel

Everything is connected

Synchronity abounds

11:11 on the clock

555, 333, 444

Numbers aligning

Winks from the Universe

Saying I am not alone

Saying I am on my way

Blissful connection to spirit

Contentment in my newfound awareness

Excitingly wanting to share it all

People feel the energy

Deeper into this I travel

And my life begins to unravel

It becomes a lonely road

With bumps and twists and turns

For what no longer serves me

Now has to make way for the new

Karmic relationships shatter

I feel so alone

Crystals bring me comfort

I seek out energy healers

Get my chakras realigned

Go to meditations

Go to psychic fairs

Seeking validation

Seeking truth

Seeking further direction

In the dark night of the soul

My guides have gone and left me

A hollow emptiness in my heart

Drains me of all my passion

I don’t know which way to turn

There is no light to follow

Illusions of my life

Come tumbling down around me

During long solitary darkness

I turn to deep within

At first I’m met with silence

Then I feel a whisper

Slowly the darkness fades away

Soft shades of pink and grey

A new voice is given

A new guide and companion

Shades of blue and green

My heart is feeling again

Clarity returns to my mind

Energy returns to my life

But passion still wanes

What do I want to do?

Who am I now?

Where to from here?

Shades of indigo and violet

I am that I am

I exist

Allowing is the key

Allowing grace

Allowing my divinity

Allowing the and

Allowing abundance

Forgiveness of myself

Compassion for me in the past

Living in the now

Wisdom is forming

Transmuting and distilling


Like the butterfly I emerge



Yesterday’s mirrors glare and accuse

Black char and blood tears

Fetid air, dead trees

Crows feast upon the dying

Frightened eyes torn from skulls

Broken taps dripping rust

Inner rooms smell of must

Bathed in fear, coated in guilt

Heavy, ugly, putrid

Breaking glass exploding

Festering walls imploding

Shattering mirrors now

Shards, dirt, blood, tears

Entrapment breaking clumsily

Hurting, aching, crying

Shuffling, hesitating, doubting

Baby steps

Falling down, getting up

Ginger hope

Tender caution

There is Hope

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If you feel lost, confused and sad

Depressed, anxious, feeling bad

When you hit rock bottom and cannot see

Any way out, you’ve got me

If your heart’s been broken, shattered, abused

And you’re sick of being abused

When hope you cannot see

You do have hope in me

When the depths of sorrow are pitch black

You can’t find your way back

When the walls close in on you

I am here to help you

Addictions you crave, to soften the blow

Give you a buzz, the only way you know

You are no longer neat

And you never even eat

You feel like you cannot breathe

You’ve forgotten how to breathe

Forgotten about life

There is no life

Fear not these things as being your end

I’ve been there, and nearly met my end

I write to bring a glimmer a hope

When you no longer can see any hope

I was in the depths of depression

Rape caused that depression

I found it hard to cope with my job

So then I lost my job

No job, no more money coming in

My budget became very thin

Soon I failed to pay my rent

And away from me my home went

Nowhere to turn, noone to run to

My family had disowned me too

Homeless, desolute, no self esteem

I had to sell my body, it seemed

I sold my body, I bought the drugs

I kept going with alcohol and drugs

Abusive boyfriend tried to choke me

I ran to the brothel to shelter me

Now it’s 3 years later and I am free

No more depression or fear you see

I sought help and received it

I cherished it and I nurtured it

I came off the drugs and backed off the drinking

Alarmed at how deep I was sinking

I’ll never forget those who helped me

They saw an inner light in me

Now that light can shine and glow

I am here, and I show

That your life can turn around

Your feet back on the ground

For life is worth living after all

I want to live and have a ball

I want this all for you as well

You can do it, and do it well

My wish to you out there

Is to know that someone does care

To know you deserve to be

Living, loving, and free

I am Love


Random acts of kindess

A bandaid for a blister

A total stranger

Hobbling along

I am love

I’ll sit quietly with you

When you need me to

When words don’t suffice

I am here for you

I am love

No agendas

No deceipt

No greed

No jealousy

I am love

A haven for you

A port in the storm

I’ll comfort you

Dry your tears

I am love

I will be gentle

Never violent

My heart is open

To give and receive

I am love

Be yourself

Trust in me

I see the real you

I see your light

I am love

Beautiful World


I live in a beautiful world

Enchanted world

Trusting world

If only it were real

People gave me pain

So much pain

Brought me shame

It is real

Time will heal

What’s the deal?

Is that real?

I don’t know

Bashed me

Threw me

Robbed me

Lost my way

Stalked me

Raped me

Kicked me

Someone save me

My beautiful world

Magic world

Loving world

Exists somewhere

This I believe

As I leave

You I leave

Find my way

Saviour comes

My heart hums

In the sun

Our beautiful world

Beautiful World

I am Compassion

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Don’t mistake me for pity

Don’t mistake me for sympathy

I won’t ever patronise you

Or maniuplate your emotions

I have no ulterior motive

I want nothing back

Just be kind to you in need

Is all that I desire

I believe in kindness

I see the good amongst the bad

People might say I am mad

But I don’t mind

For I do what is right

I will help your plight

I will save your skin

Maybe save your life

A kind word here

A kind act there

Even the smallest of things

Can make a heart sing

To know someone cares

Is my gift to you

My healing is then given

I truly believe in you

On My Way to Enlightenment I Lost Everything


Something stirs within me
I see the world differently
Serendipity greets me
Coincidence teaches me

More sensitive I become
Ever being the empath
I feel your pain and sorrow
I want to heal you

I fall in love with spirit
Love my angels and fairies
My crystals chatter to me
Everything is energy

Overwhelming clairsentience
Breaks down my walls
Leaves me wide open
I feel it all

Doctors say I’m crazy
People think I’m wierd
No longer do I fit in
No-one understands me

Lonely amongst people
Depression creeps in
I lose my focus
Confusion betrays me

I lose my job one day
I lose my car
What do I do now?
Nothing feels right

The black pit of depression
Pulls me deep within
Anxiety cripples me
Sleep eludes me

Love abandons me
Family disown me
Nowhere to turn now
I’m on my own

Deep inside my soul
I see the solution
Let it all go
It doesn’t really matter

I’m alive and I exist
I am who I am
My heartbeat radiating
Light and love and joy

Letting go and forgiving
My self for the past
Feeling now so peaceful
I allow my wisdom

Experience creates contrast
Contrast serves me
My true soul desires
Now freely flow to me

On my way to enlightenment I lost everything
And in that dark time
A seed it was planted
And a flower now blossoms