Immika Creations

Like the Butterfly

Lorikeets are eating my bread and honey

Suddenly in one split moment I see

The chain of interconnections

I provided it

The bread and honey came from the supermakert

The supermarket bought the bread from bakers

The bakers bought the ingredients for the bread

The ingredients came from farms

The farmers sowed the seeds for what became the bread

The bread which now feeds the birds

The supermarket bought the honey from beekeepers

The bees made the honey

The beekeepers made it possible

For me to buy honey

The honey which now feeds the birds

That split moment defines the new road I travel

Everything is connected

Synchronity abounds

11:11 on the clock

555, 333, 444

Numbers aligning

Winks from the Universe

Saying I am not alone

Saying I am on my way

Blissful connection to spirit

Contentment in my newfound awareness

Excitingly wanting to share it all

People feel the energy

Deeper into this I travel

And my life begins to unravel

It becomes a lonely road

With bumps and twists and turns

For what no longer serves me

Now has to make way for the new

Karmic relationships shatter

I feel so alone

Crystals bring me comfort

I seek out energy healers

Get my chakras realigned

Go to meditations

Go to psychic fairs

Seeking validation

Seeking truth

Seeking further direction

In the dark night of the soul

My guides have gone and left me

A hollow emptiness in my heart

Drains me of all my passion

I don’t know which way to turn

There is no light to follow

Illusions of my life

Come tumbling down around me

During long solitary darkness

I turn to deep within

At first I’m met with silence

Then I feel a whisper

Slowly the darkness fades away

Soft shades of pink and grey

A new voice is given

A new guide and companion

Shades of blue and green

My heart is feeling again

Clarity returns to my mind

Energy returns to my life

But passion still wanes

What do I want to do?

Who am I now?

Where to from here?

Shades of indigo and violet

I am that I am

I exist

Allowing is the key

Allowing grace

Allowing my divinity

Allowing the and

Allowing abundance

Forgiveness of myself

Compassion for me in the past

Living in the now

Wisdom is forming

Transmuting and distilling


Like the butterfly I emerge

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