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MND is all through my family, and it has wiped out all the females in the generation above me but one remaining Aunt. Watching my Mum deteriorate with it is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone; it was heartbreaking and terrifying. Her mother had suffered it also, and not long after Mum died, her sister was diagnosed with it and she died a couple of years later. The one remaining of Mum’s sisters, my favourite aunt, is already in acceptance mode that she will probably die from MND too.

All of us female cousins, wonder how many of us will inherit this awful condition. We also hope that by the time we would start getting symptoms, there will be a cure by then, or a way to minimise it.

I feel strongly for anyone living with MND, and their loved ones. There’s nothing I can do to help, except spread the word, raise awareness that more research needs doing which requires more funds.

Therefore, I humbly plea with anyone reading this, make a donation, it all adds up. Then, share this, talk about it, and remember, MND sufferers need us.

I am supporting the MNDandMe Foundation

Click here to donate

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