Immika Creations

There is Hope

If you feel lost, confused and sad

Depressed, anxious, feeling bad

When you hit rock bottom and cannot see

Any way out, you’ve got me

If your heart’s been broken, shattered, abused

And you’re sick of being abused

When hope you cannot see

You do have hope in me

When the depths of sorrow are pitch black

You can’t find your way back

When the walls close in on you

I am here to help you

Addictions you crave, to soften the blow

Give you a buzz, the only way you know

You are no longer neat

And you never even eat

You feel like you cannot breathe

You’ve forgotten how to breathe

Forgotten about life

There is no life

Fear not these things as being your end

I’ve been there, and nearly met my end

I write to bring a glimmer a hope

When you no longer can see any hope

I was in the depths of depression

Rape caused that depression

I found it hard to cope with my job

So then I lost my job

No job, no more money coming in

My budget became very thin

Soon I failed to pay my rent

And away from me my home went

Nowhere to turn, noone to run to

My family had disowned me too

Homeless, desolute, no self esteem

I had to sell my body, it seemed

I sold my body, I bought the drugs

I kept going with alcohol and drugs

Abusive boyfriend tried to choke me

I ran to the brothel to shelter me

Now it’s 3 years later and I am free

No more depression or fear you see

I sought help and received it

I cherished it and I nurtured it

I came off the drugs and backed off the drinking

Alarmed at how deep I was sinking

I’ll never forget those who helped me

They saw an inner light in me

Now that light can shine and glow

I am here, and I show

That your life can turn around

Your feet back on the ground

For life is worth living after all

I want to live and have a ball

I want this all for you as well

You can do it, and do it well

My wish to you out there

Is to know that someone does care

To know you deserve to be

Living, loving, and free

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