Immika Creations

The Light Behind the Nightmares

He has a heart of gold

He has been brave and bold

But through the darkest times he went

His mind is twisted and bent

Regrets pile up upon him

Shame it fills him

Nightmares at night plague him

He feels he can’t win

Enemies from the past

Haunt his frantic mind

How he longs for peace at last

For silence in his mind

Animals he deeply loves

He has a great gift

People and animals he loves

Receive that gift

He knows how to sooth

How to comfort the sad

His life should now be smooth

He really isn’t bad

What he really needs

Is to live in the now

Plant some brand new seeds

Stop questioning how

If he could only see

His beautiful inner light

He would let it be seen

Not keep it out of sight

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