Immika Creations

On My Way to Enlightenment I Lost Everything

Something stirs within me
I see the world differently
Serendipity greets me
Coincidence teaches me

More sensitive I become
Ever being the empath
I feel your pain and sorrow
I want to heal you

I fall in love with spirit
Love my angels and fairies
My crystals chatter to me
Everything is energy

Overwhelming clairsentience
Breaks down my walls
Leaves me wide open
I feel it all

Doctors say I’m crazy
People think I’m wierd
No longer do I fit in
No-one understands me

Lonely amongst people
Depression creeps in
I lose my focus
Confusion betrays me

I lose my job one day
I lose my car
What do I do now?
Nothing feels right

The black pit of depression
Pulls me deep within
Anxiety cripples me
Sleep eludes me

Love abandons me
Family disown me
Nowhere to turn now
I’m on my own

Deep inside my soul
I see the solution
Let it all go
It doesn’t really matter

I’m alive and I exist
I am who I am
My heartbeat radiating
Light and love and joy

Letting go and forgiving
My self for the past
Feeling now so peaceful
I allow my wisdom

Experience creates contrast
Contrast serves me
My true soul desires
Now freely flow to me

On my way to enlightenment I lost everything
And in that dark time
A seed it was planted
And a flower now blossoms

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