Immika Creations

My Tapestry of Life

Life is like a tapestry

Every stitch that you make

Every colour that you choose

Affects the scenario evolving

Straight lines in backstitch

Going back and forth

Or cross-stitching along

Criss-crossing back and forth

Or dancing with the running stitch

Freely flowing, ever moving

Always going forward

Never going back

What colour the threads?

Black, blue or green?

Violet, pink or red?

Or yellow, orange instead?

My tapestry is pretty complex

Dark shades amongst red

Lots of zig-zagging along

Getting tangled at times

But as my tapestry grew

The colours became brighter

The texture feels lighter

It’s like a rainbow now

Like the shadows in pictures

Dark times in our lives

Just add definition

And contrast to the scene

Without the darker shades

There would be no bright

Without the darkness

There would be no light

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